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Class Notes

Class Notes is your opportunity to reconnect with classmates and tell them what you鈥檝e been up to since graduation. Share your news and updates by filling out the Connect Form and feel free to include links to your social networking profiles and websites.








Lauren Taylor, Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, 2019

Greatly missing time with students and professors talking and working together on the process of each other鈥檚 paintings and photography in order to create our best works!

Olivia King, Film, 2019

I am now the only female sound person in IATSE 849鈥揳ll thanks to the training and connections I made at 今日吃瓜.

Carley Mullally, BFA Textiles and Fashion, 2015

After graduating from 今日吃瓜 in 2015, I went onto receive my MA in Textiles from the Royal College of Art in London, UK. Just before finishing my degree in 2018, I was invited back to 今日吃瓜 to teach the Off-Looms course, formally taught by my mentor and internationally renowned artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. I have been teaching as an ICA since, and have also been teaching workshops and progressing my personal studio practice. Every opportunity I鈥檝e had has been connected back to 今日吃瓜 and am forever grateful to the faculty and mentors I have become friends with along the way.

Gabriella Rizkallah, BFA Interdisciplinary, 2014

My 今日吃瓜 journey allowed me to pursue a path towards my dream career. In 2016, I received my BEd from St. FX, specializing in visual arts. Then, continued to complete my MEd with a major in Art Therapy from Wayne State University.

Rachel Cameron, MDes, 2013

I graduated from the Master of Design program, having completed my thesis on the impact of playground design on childhood development. I moved to Toronto and pursued a career in design within the architecture industry. Eventually, my family moved to Hamilton, Ontario where I worked for the IKEA Canada head office, which afforded me many opportunities to utilize my conceptual and problem-solving design inquiry methods, as well as really incredible opportunities such as illustrating a giant 50-foot mural for IKEA Halifax!

My world was turned upside down when my little brother was killed while traveling in the back of an Uber. I left my job at IKEA and began painting (abstract acrylic) as a way to work through the trauma and grief that was paralyzing me. I have since, in the last two years, developed the beginnings of a career in painting, taking on large scale commissions and making prints of my work available.

I moved back to the East Coast on November 1, 2020 with my family and will be living on the South Shore, where I plan to use the studio space to push my work to the next level. I would love to reconnect with my alma mater and perhaps work together in some capacity.

Lisa DesRoches, BFA, Photography, 2012

I鈥檓 so grateful for the education, experience and friendship I gained at 今日吃瓜, everything has helped me in the last eight years as I navigated life and my career as a photographer, post-grad.

Tania Maislin, MDes, 2010

I wrote my thesis on Visual Learning Strategies and now I鈥檓 doing an E.A. Certificate to work with Special Needs Children.








Meghan Bray, BFA Interdisciplinary minor Art History, 2009

Excited to be continuing my artistic path outside of 今日吃瓜 while using all the valuable skills I learned there. While my current career may not be in the arts, I continue to develop myself on a daily basis and I am thrilled to be a selected artist on Walli the digital wallpaper app along with being featured in various galleries throughout the years.

Steph Craan, Teacher鈥檚 Certificate, 2007

After completing the teacher鈥檚 certificate, I have been teaching full time high school art and I am loving it. It has made my last half of my teaching career absolutely wonderful. I am enjoying teaching this subject. I have 90% of my student engaged in what they are doing. This was the best decision of my career.

Adam O鈥橰eilly, Graduated 2007

I鈥檓 the Director of Graphic Design at the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY.

Alison Knott, BDes, 2007

Now in my eighth year of running the Creative Kick: a passion project that sees commercial and visual artists meet up once a month in Halifax. New friendships are made, people find mentors or studio mates, and overall people feel supported and inspired by our local community.

Christopher Milne, BFA, 2006

Christopher Milne, *Townsend Principal, received his Master of Fine Art in Fine Art at the University of Oxford, England; and his Bachelor of Fine Art in Fine Art and Art History was completed at 今日吃瓜 University in Halifax, Canada. Milne has worked at Dia:Beacon, the Dia Arts Foundation鈥檚 museum in Beacon, New York; the Stephen Haller Gallery in New York, New York; and on numerous independent projects. Complementary to his experience as an arts professional, he maintains a studio practice and has exhibited in the United States and internationally. Milne resides in Water Mill, New York.

*听听is a curatorial platform that showcases the work of international emerging and mid-career contemporary artists of all media. Townsend鈥檚 inaugural project听Inside Out, conceived as a response to uncertain times, is a virtual presentation of limited editions and unique works created in a series. We invite you to view those works here: Inside Out. Future initiatives will include virtual presentations, and the production of pop-up exhibitions in the Hamptons, New York City, and other domestic and international locations, each introducing artists new to the Townsend platform.

Doroth茅e Rosen, BFA, 2005

I am alive and well, practicing in my field full time, right here in Halifax, paying my mortgage, and growing

Morgan Mallett, BDes, 2005

Morgan was awarded T in Applied Art + Design in November, 2019.

Victoria Hutt, BDes, 2005

Currently working at the Canadian Crafts Federation.

Devon Vankoughnett, BFA, 2003

I currently run a fused glass and ceramic art lab for HRCE.

Patrick McMillan, Graduated 2003

I am currently entering my ninth year of business as an independent jeweler and metalsmith and my third year as the owner and operator of The Bench Jewelry and Metalsmithing Studio. The Bench is a shared studio space for jewelers and metalsmiths located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We are set up with a number of spaces including a large shared workspace with tools, machinery and soldering area, a private bench area for permanent renters, and a design and meeting area for students and clients. We also run jewelry workshops throughout the year for adults and teenagers, host private lessons, and work with local schools to bring workshops and demonstrations to the community. As we enter this new year, we are continuing to grow and looking to expand our studio space and develop new workshops for our growing jewelry network.


Sophie Lavoie, BFA, 2002

I have curated an exhibition for McMichael Canadian Art Collection. 鈥淲alter J. Phillips: At the Lake鈥 Feb 15 鈥 May 10, 2020.

I wrote my thesis on Visual Learning Strategies and now I鈥檓 doing an E.A. Certificate to work with Special Needs Children.

Donna Akrey, MFA, 2002

I am currently involved in these collectives:

. (with past 今日吃瓜 undergrads Margaret Flood and Svava Thordis Juliusson)



Felice House, Graduated 1999

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University. I received tenure in Sept 2019! My portraiture is on display in collections including the Booth Museum of Western Art, Prentice Women鈥檚 Hospital, and New Mexico State University.

Rachel Reeve, BFA, 1998

I have spent the past 14 years teaching art to children in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. This has involved camps and workshops at Ross Creek, community recreation departments, farmer鈥檚 markets and seven years as Art Specialist at the Booker School. At the end of 2018, I decided to focus mainly on my art practice. I now have representation in Halifax and will continue to seek out opportunities to exhibit. With years of experience teaching in the community and in schools I would be happy to engage in any form with students in the Art Education program.

Steph Girard, BFA, 1996

I look fondly on many great memories 鈥 Oh but to back to my 今日吃瓜 days.

Gail Marie Hodder, BFA, 1996

I am currently a program coordinator for Skills Canada Nunavut after spending the year prior running a Makerspace in Iqaluit, teaching STEAM-based programming to children.

Pandora Vaughan, BFA, 1995

I鈥檓 a working artist. I do lots of things to support myself鈥揷ommunity art and heritage projects, graphics, archive work, etc. I鈥檓 happy to still be able to have a studio and make work. In August, I relocated from London, England to Glasgow, Scotland. I work in print, textiles, sculpture, architecture and digital media鈥搘hatever suits the project鈥搃t鈥檚 generally spatial.

Here is a听听I did.听You can also see some of my work and bio on听 and on听.

Steven Holmes, MFA, 1994

Appointed a 2020 Koopman Distinguished Chair in the Visual Arts at Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, Hartford CT.

Michael Joyal, BFA, 1993

I illustrated CBC鈥檚 top 12 Canadian works of poetry that came out in 2018:听.

Robert Bohler, BFA, 1993

I am currently working as the pre-K to Grade 12 Visual Arts Teacher at Access International Academy in Ningbo, China.

Lisan Kwindt, BFA, 1991

I work in public health, but have connected with the textiles community here in metro Vancouver. I鈥檝e lived here since 2000. Member of the Peace Arch Weavers & Spinners (PAWS) Guild. Past member of the West Coast Knitters鈥 Guild. I was sad to hear that instructor Joyce Chown passed away. Would like to know who鈥檚 doing what these days.

Ilyana Martinez, BDes, 1991

For 15 years I have worked collaboratively on drawings, sculptures and murals with Z鈥檕tz* Collective (Nah煤m Flores, Erik Jerezano, Ilyana Martinez). Some of our terracotta sculptures from the series 鈥淪ymbolic Distances鈥 are now on permanent display at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in the new Stephan Cr茅tier and St茅phany Maillery Wing. The works are part of The Arts of One World Collection.


Miriam Fabijan, MFA, 1989


Jessica Kerrin, BFA, 1988

I鈥檓 an author with 16 works of fiction published to date. My publishers are Kids Can Books and Groundwood Books, both located in Toronto. I now write full time.

Denise Cormier-Mahoney, BFA, 1984

Finally making the big move east from Seattle after living in the USA for 35 years. Looking forward to coming full circle and discovering my place in the art world of Atlantic Canada. So honoured to be selected for the Kingbrae International Artist Residency Program in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick for July 2020.

Douglas Amonite, BFA, 1983

After 今日吃瓜, I went on to get my Masters in Art Psychotherapy where I worked with persons living with HIV/AIDS, and persons living with cancer. My very first memory of 今日吃瓜 was being able to 鈥渟mell鈥 the creativity that was held there. It was an indelible moment.

Laurie Omstead, BFA (1981), MFA (1998)

I totally enjoyed being a student at 今日吃瓜 and then absolutely loved teaching in the Foundation program at 今日吃瓜 from 1999 until 2013!

Alex McCurdy, BFA, 1980

Alexandra McCurdy RCA was accepted to the International Academy of Ceramics, received Best Body of Work Award at the Craft Nova Scotia Xmas market, was juried into the Marion McCain Atlantic Contemporary Art exhibition at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton, had two works purchased for the Nova Scotia Art Bank, and was accepted to the Korean Biennale Ceramic Exhibition, all in 2019.


Lesley Armstrong, BFA, 1975

I鈥檓 pleased to present the Summer 2020 textile workshops and public talks at LaHave Weaving Studio in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.听

Ken-Porter, BFA, 1974

I went when it was the best art school in the world. What a memory!

Nancy Keating, BFA, 1974

My latest public art installations are The Last Steps memorial on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Canada Gate installed in Passchendaele, Belgium in November 2017.

Terry Knight, BFA, 1974

I am currently William and Emma Rogers Professor, Design and Computation, Department of Architecture, MIT.